India’s Pioneer Structured PHYSICAL + DIGITAL Education Program

The Key Program Focus
  • Age-specific activity videos
  • Selective individual and sports activities
  • Defined safety guidelines aligned with authorities
  • Stream live classes or VOD mode (video on demand)
  • Seamlessly integrated with school system/ time-table
  • Skill based worksheets and projects
  • Online/ Offline Sports Quiz
  • In-School & Inter-School Quiz
  • Virtual Sports Events
  • Family fitness engagement
  • Fitness Challenge


A specially designed age specific summer program for school children through sports and adventure. The programs have been catagorised as Kinder Football, Multi Sports and Adventure.

The Key Program Focus
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Fundamental Movement Skill
  • Experiential Learning
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Physical Fitness
  • Game Play Tactics
  • Social and Interpersonal Skills
  • Creative Learning
  • Teamwork & Leadership Skills
  • Adventure & Survival Skills
  • Physical Fitness


Age-specific PE & Sports engagement for students and parents specifically designed to engage in-home.

The Key Program Focus
  • Age-specific worksheets to be performed at home
  • Fitness activities, recreational, skill & age specific videos
  • Easily downloadable videos and device compatible
  • Live Sessions – capacity building for PETs & Coaches
  • Sports Quiz – individual engagement and Live Inter-School