Standard Core Curriculum

My Good School standard core curriculum helps empower every individual; we invite schools to join the Good Schools’ global community. 

  • The 4S School – Service, Skill, Sport and Study.
  • We can help you customise your school curriculum.
  • The ‘My Good School’ designation shows the value a school places on professional learning and student achievement.

Personal & Social Development

Learning For Life
  • Empower students by creating an environment for their personal and social development.
  • Encourage students to become involved in activities beyond just study; this helps develop confidence, knowledge and networks.
  • Experiential learning is a critical factor in the student’s progressing successfully through adolescence.
Service | Skill | Sport |Study
  • Choice of Activities
  • Choose your Coach/Mentor
  • Work with Peers
  • At Your Pace
  • Parental guidance