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Only Schools or Sporting Schools – Need of the hour?

If you are reading this and your date of birth falls in the 1980s or 1990s, my apprehensions are that you are either a parent or would be parent. The start of schooling years in our kid’s life take us into a whole new level of parenting. As a parent when we start looking for a school for the apple of our eye, we have some set criteria in our mind. Today’s parents are far more informed and have access to the latest information. I have put down some of the specifications which as a parent we focus on while searching for the place of education during the early years of the child.

  1. Accessibility: first thing that comes in to our mind is accessibility of the school. We try to find it at a near distance as it won’t be difficult for the pickup and drop up.
  2. Reputation: reputation of the school is another important aspect while selecting. A rich cultural background of the school provides a solid base for the growth of personality.
  3. Academic records: the kind of results the school has been giving in various board exams and other competitive exams also impresses us.
  4. Alumni: we try to see the kind of alumni the institute has produced. Thus giving us a solid foundation to choose.

Do you feel anything missing in the above criteria? In a glance the answer will be no. However, we tend to neglect the co-curricular and sports activities performance of the school. For last so many years parents had taken this aspect taken for granted. Academics are important but the development of personality of a child takes place through games and cultural activities. Every parent dreams of making his or her child a well educated and qualified person having a great career. When it comes to sports not many parents see their children taking up sports as career. The basic flaw lies in our education system, where till date careers are determined by academic scores and not by the passion or skill of a child. In the era where unconventional career options like becoming a chef or radio jockey or food taster are gaining mass recognition, choosing sports still lags behind.

The basic venue of development of interest towards sports is school. Hiring a physical education teacher at the school doesn’t means completion of adding sports to the curriculum. Schools need to provide proper time slot for games activities, training and identifying the talent and interest of the student. Unless professional sports training is included at school level only, the scenario of sports is not going to change. Not every student is going to make a mark in the game. But every student should be given opportunity to identify what kind of sports drives him. The importance of physical activity can be understood in these initial years only as these are the crucial habit formative years. One does not feel proud to see India rank as number one country in lifestyle diseases like Diabetes type II or having highest population of heart patients. Our children should have a healthy and balanced life. For this the importance of being physically active should be one of the prima facie objectives of schools.

Sports develop an attitude of giving ones best. It makes children understand the importance of team work and discipline. In the era of slogan of “Swacch Bharat”, there should be a slogan of “Swasth Bharat” which is possible only by imbibing the benefits of sports and physical activity in the early years of students. Now it is time to give importance on not only choosing a school, but a sporting school for a complete physical and academic growth of our children.

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Dr. Gautam Mukherjee is the Co-founder and CEO of Sportify Sports Education & Management Services Pvt Ltd. His passion for sports education motivates him to share his thoughts and ideas that can shape the future of sports in India. He can be reached at:

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